Are IT issues stifling the success of your business? Are you left scrambling, scratching your head, and wondering where to start? Start here, with Muskwa. Implementing Network IT Maintenance Services into your operations means less time dealing with issues and more time innovating and growing.

And isn’t that what you want to be doing?

You can trust that Muskwa will take everything into consideration - people, goals, operations, equipment, risks, and opportunities. A comprehensive solution to the everyday grind that we all rely on.

IT Networking

How We Can Help

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Network Monitoring Solutions

Network Monitoring

Today, Network Monitoring is an essential, if not critical part of any business operations. We’ll implement a system that monitors your components to ensure optimal performance and identify potential slow-downs and issues. Approaching your network in real time means you are confident that tomorrow is going to operate like today, and that efficiencies are constantly being realized. 

Avoid downtime. Avoid headaches. Avoid hassles.

Network Analysis Services

Network Analysis

Ask yourself - are you happy with your current IT service partner? Maybe you’re not even sure if you are or aren’t. This is where Muskwa can help out. By running a Network Analysis, we’ll help do identify key elements and aspects of your network to determine if you have what you need. From number of employees to security, from backups to system health checks, we’ll poke and prod to determine exactly where you are, what you don’t need, and what you do. Then we’ll recommend an effective and efficient way to implement new systems and changes to keep your business not only running, but moving forward. 

Preventative Maintenance for IT Systems

Preventative Maintenance

Many companies are choosing to implement a Preventative Maintenance plan into their operations. Why? Simple. Less headaches. 

Anytime you incorporate preventative maintenance, you lessen the likelihood of something going wrong and negatively impacting your business. Recognizing time-based and usage-based maintenance, as well as predictive maintenance, significantly reduces risk of something failing. We know where to look, what to watch for, and how to recognize network issues well before they have a chance to have an impact.

WiFi Upgrades & Monitoring

WiFi Upgrades & Monitoring

An aging network can significantly slow operations and result in threats to your business. We have witnessed far too often when issues are ignored, they exponentially grow. Upgrading your Wifi network - and actively monitoring it - is essential to growing your business. You need to be able to access everything - everywhere and anytime. 

Let’s put it his way… do apps crash and screens freeze? Ever had issues with video calls/conferencing? What about security concerns? Most of all, is productivity declining? These can all be attributed to a poor Wifi network. 

The good thing is, we can help.

Virtual Private Networks VPN Solutions

VPN Solutions

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can support organizations, employees, and daily operations in a number of ways.

Now, more than ever, securely connecting people to devices and networks is essential. With many workers being remote, you need to ensure that connection is easy, instant, and private. With a reliable and stable VPN, you can efficiently connect to servers, access and transfer data, and communicate privately.

Basically, you are securing all data communications and extending the reach of the network without putting them or your organization at risk.