A community is a group of people who are actively engaged in contributing to the greater good and help each other through the hard times. Muskwa always wants to be part of the communities it works in and recognizes that being involved is an ongoing effort and commitment. Hiring local people, offering free and discount services for local non-profit organizations and sponsoring local events and charities is some of the ways Muskwa has joined local communities in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


Kelowna is a beautiful city in the Okanagan Valley that offers a unique lifestyle not found anywhere else in Canada. A well-diversified economy provides lots of opportunities for people and businesses. Throughout the years I have made many great relationships with people in Kelowna and I enjoy being a part of the community. Kelowna has also provided me an opportunity to launch a mentorship program as a way to connect to both the city and the Indigenous community.

The technology sector in Kelowna has grown substantially in the past few years, attracting new businesses and citizens to the area. From start-ups to community staples, Muskwa can be your local IT service provider and partner.

Fort McMurray

Having been part of the Fort McMurray community for over 10 years, it’s amazing to see the strength and resiliency of the people in this unique community. We have been through a city-evacuating wildfire that destroyed many homes and buildings and then a major flood that put the downtown region underwater. Through all this, the community rebuilds and moves on. Muskwa is proud to be a part of the business community and the connections and partnerships it has formed as an IT consultant and expert to this unique northern Alberta city.