To maximize the use of your company’s IT assets, and increase your bottom line, add an Asset Management system.

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Record, track and monitor your assets by incorporating an IT Asset Management system.

Record, track and monitor your assets by incorporating an IT Asset Management system.

In a digital world that most certainly skyrocketed due to COVID-19, IT solutions have been growing exponentially. With the adoption of added IT services within businesses, there is the added risk of not having them managed or being poorly managed. For this reason, organizations need to look into IT Asset Management solutions.

What is IT Asset Management

IT asset management is a program designed to track and record all tangible and intangible assets associated with the IT department. This service provides information on where the asset can be found, how often it is used, who uses it, and all other associated details.

Some tangible company assets include computers, routers, etc. Intangible ones consist of any software and applications. Asset management keeps track of what services are on the company network, verifies they are all up to date, ensures each is protected, and watches the lifecycle of each.

Why it's Needed

IT service management is essential because, without it, it is difficult to track your assets. It is about having good business IT services that monitor and manage programs efficiently and cost-effectively. By incorporating an IT asset management system, a company can increase its productivity and bottom financial line since, in many cases, companies are unaware they have programs and are therefore paying for software they aren't even utilizing.

The Risk of Not Having Asset Management

Security, security, security! It comes down to protecting the security of your organization. That's not to say that all software is dangerous; just the more you have, the harder it is to individually track and monitor. By centralizing your assets, the risk of a security breach decreases exponentially. After all, it's impossible to protect something you don't know you have.

By not having a program to manage everything, how does a company measure the effectiveness and, therefore, the investment? An asset management system ensures a company avoids duplicate applications and unmanaged licenses; again, increasing the bottom line.

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