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muskwa = BEAR (Cree Origin)

Byron Bates, Founder of Muskwa

Byron was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and attended high school in Nanaimo, BC. Since then he has spent most of his adult life in Fort McMurray, AB and Kelowna, BC. Byron's roots are those to. His mother is a Cree (Fort McMurray #468 First Nation), as was his grandmother who spoke four languages - Cree, Dene, French and English.

His educational road has taken many turns and resulted in many successes, including a Bachelor of Science (Major in Computer Science) from Vancouver Island University, the Queens' Executive Program from Queen's University, and Harvard Law Schools’ Program on Negotiation and Negotiation Master Class.

Byron's career has many highlights and recognition - listed below are just a few to give you a snapshot of his accomplishments:

Byron Bates, Founder of Muskwa
  • 2018 – Dene App (sole developer) was #10 trending App on Google Play
  • 2018 – Video Feature: Profile and Product for the Cree app (sole developer); aired on Telus Optik TV and
  • 2018 – Feature Article in VIU Magazine (Vancouver Island University)
  • 2017 – Global News appearance discussing the Cree App
  • 2017 – Financial Post Article regarding the Cree app
  • 2017 – CBC News Article regarding the Cree App

Byron proudly admits that most of his childhood, career, and passion has been centred around technology. He thoroughly enjoys using emerging technology to create new solutions to old issues or create a brand new product (plug - Start-ups are exciting!).

IT support is definitely a passion, if not an obsession for Byron - he enjoys working hard and forming relationships with interesting people.

Pivot - Byron has coached and participated in judo and men's fastball. (Didn't see that coming, did you?)

"I hate it when people tell me how they are taking way too much time dealing with IT issues instead of doing their work."

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